Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Kidani Village

While I’ve stayed at both Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jambo House) and Animal Kingdom Kidani Village, I had only eaten at Boma in Jambo House. However, my aunt (who lives in Celebration and goes regularly) really recommended going to Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Kidani Village for lunch. She obviously knew what she was talking about because it was an incredible experience. If you like spice (like spices, not like hot), you will love Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Kidani Village.

Sanaa Animal Kingdom Lodge

We started with their famous bread service. It comes with five different types of naan bread and around 10 different sauces, which you can try on the different breads. We enjoyed mixing and matching the accompaniments to get different flavors. I’m a huge fan of heat, so I really liked the hotter flavors like the jalapeño-lime sauce. But the mango chutney was among my favorites as well. The bread service alone is enough to fill you up! Plus, it is so yummy!

Sanaa has a view of many animals, including giraffes, zebras, oxen and an array of exotic birds. One of these birds (an African crowned crane) decided to hop the fence and come over to say hello. This was definitely the closest I’ve come to any of Disney’s Animal Kingdom animals! And a snake slithered right by our table too, which freaked me out a little bit. The servers were really knowledgeable about all of the animals, which I thought was awesome.

Sanaa dessert trio

For our main course, we had butter chicken and basmati rice. The flavors and spices in the butter chicken were amazing, and I highly recommend it. We finished off the meal with a trio of desserts so we could try a little bit of everything. We had Afrika povu, which was like a chocolate mousse filled with rum caramel, a lemon lychee tart with a marshmallow topper, and strawberry sorbet. Everything was super yummy, but the lemon lychee tart was probably my favorite. We didn’t try the bread pudding this time, but my aunt says that the bread pudding is delicious as well. I guess that just gives me another excuse to go back!

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